Instead of waiting for me, Mariam chose to tag along without my consent.
On getting to the staff room, i met Mr Raymond with Rhoda discussing while i stood outside to wait for him.
Rhoda was Mr Raymond first child, she was also fourteen years old like Mariam, but she was in jss2 at Liberty Academy, a private school very close to my house in kaduna state, and this was my first time of meeting Rhoda.
When Mr Raymond sighted me, he cut short his conversation with daughter and called me closer to remind me of my poor performance in the last C.A test he conducted. Immediately, he asked me to kneel down and wait for him while he went for a 1:15pm class, promising to deal with me when he got back.
At that moment i was short of words because Mr Raymond had launched a ‘first-attack’ on me which kept me in a panicky mood. Looking at Rhoda from present position, I foolishly felt and though she could tell me to stand-up and take my leave, but it was all forlorn hope.
I was so curious to hear a word from Rhoda but she just focused on the handset, pretending I was none existent.
Suddenly, I decided to say something to her, and it went thus…
Me: Hi, Good day, am Nansok. Your school uniform looks like one around the area where i stay or is it?
Rhoda: oh really..?
Me: Yes, Liberty academy school…
Rhoda: oh yes, that’s my school.
Me: That’s great, so why are you here by this time?
Rhoda: I wasn’t feeling fine in school today, so my Dad asked me to come over, that’s why I am here.
Me: Oh sorry about that.. Hope you are feeling better now?
Rhoda: Hmm not really, but i will be fine, i just took some drugs.
Me: Oh great.
Me: I live very close to your school, just 10km away, at the back of the town hall..
Rhoda: oh really..? I usually go there to buy snacks.
Me: That’s good, so what is your name..
Rhoda: I am Rhoda.
Me: Nice meeting you Rhoda..
Rhoda: oh it a pleasure Nansok.. So why are you kneeling down..?
Me: Hmm, actually, i made an error on my last CA test. Yes… an error, that’s the reason
Rhoda: oh that’s bad… but anyways, you can stand up and take your leave, my Dad is too forgetful, when he comes back he wont remember again…and point of note, you must not allow him to remember some other time, okay?
Me: Oh great… Thank you so much Rhoda..
Rhoda: Don’t worry i will come to your house when i close from school tomorrow…
Hmmm, here i go again.., Immediately i stood up, i saw Mariam peeping from the window but she quickly stopped when i came out. Mariam looked so jealous and unhappy after seeing me discussing with Rhoda but i wasn’t also happy with Mariam because i never invited her in the first place.
I was very happy meeting Rhoda today and i also felt good talking to her. But how possible is it for me to confront Mr Raymond now…? Definitely i needed to let go, or tell Mariam instead, to stay away from him.
As i was thinking, I suddenly remembered it was time for me to read my books, as i quickly rushed into the class, took my seat and started reading in preparation for the forth-coming third term examinations.
As i was reading, i kept wondering how friendly and nice Rhoda was, despite seeing each other for the first time, she still moved to save me from that Mr Raymond, who turned out to be her father. In fact, I am so much overwhelmed with such a kind gesture and she still promised to visit me when she closed from school the next day. Moreso, i remembered Mariam once told me that beautiful girls always have good hips, big boobs and they are averagely built, including other features. I think that was an exact description of Rhoda. Ooh i can’t wait to set my eyes on Rhoda again.! so that i can hug her in appreciation just as Mariam usually did to me.
On my way to school the following day, my Dad, Mr David who had been monitoring me so far, discovered to his amazent, that I was becoming sharp, smart and happy unlike the previous days. But he could not really evaluate my academic progress at then, but had to wait till my school’s examination result came out, so he called me that morning and we had a discussion…
Me: Good morning papa…
My Dad: The morning is not good yet till you come first position out of the 109 students in your class.
Me: Ahh, how possible is that Papa..? In fact some students have joined us, we are now 121 in class and you said i should come first position.. how possible is that Papa..?
My Dad: That is not my business, anyhow you want to do it, all i need is a good results that’s why i got someone to be taking you home lesson…
My Dad: Before i forget, I noticed you are becoming lively and active these days, what is the secret..?
Me: Hmmm, papa you know i want to change for good na.. so I am trying to change more…
My Dad: Nansok are you sure..? Ok, now that you are becoming a good boy, take this #10 and buy something in school ko,?
Now i understood that a man could be physically poor but mentally rich… because despite the level of poverty in my family, Mr David never hesitated in giving ‘his all’ to encourage me to do better. I also prayed his good plans for me worked out according to his desires.
Funny enough, my Dad had planned to hide somewhere around the house to monitor how my lessons goes with Mariam due to the sudden change he discovered in me.
I had also lied to Mariam that i would be following my Dad to the farm that day, therefore she shouldn’t bother to come for our usual lessons.
I did this because Rhoda was visiting me for the first time, therefore i wanted us to be alone together, just as always with Mariam.
Immediately i came back from school, i quickly got my homework done, changed to my house wears and brought my food to the seating room while waiting for Rhoda.
Unknown to me, my Dad was leaning behind the kitchen door watching me as i was going in and out, practicing how i would hug and kiss Rhoda when she eventually came, as an act of appreciation for saving me from her father, Mr Raymond.
It was 2:56pm, and suddenly, the atmospheric condition changed, while the sky became dark, the cloud threatened the peaceful afternoon with heavy rains, and I thought this should be a friendly ambience for i and Rhoda. And just before i proceeded to relax, i heard a strange knock on the door, and I rushed to find out who is was.
To be continued..!

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