I believe Mariam knew my father could not read that was why she dropped the letter for me through him.
I quickly rushed inside and opened the letter as i read,
I wish the past night could start afresh again…
I wish i can change the past to erase my errors…
I wish i can influence your present feelings and situation…
I wish we can stick to our good memories and forget the past…
My eyes are bleeding…
My heart is no longer the same again..
And i can see the night stands…
The morning breaks out…
The sun rises…
And now dusk is here between us..
But pls remember the good times will surely come again..!
Don’t make me cry..!
From: Tanko Mariam.
Hmmm, Mariam chose to write the letter in a poem-like form, because she knew i have great understanding and love for poems despite my percieved dumbness.
I so much love the poem composition Mariam wrote as an apology letter to me despite am not ready to forgive her. ooh… i could not even imagine what she did to me, even as i read the poems over and over again.
But come to think of it, i wish Mariam could teach me how to also write poems, she must be a good poet, I thought.!
Just as i was contemplating, i heard a voice, ‘Nansok… please come and open the door am here…’
Oooh, this wicked girl is here again..!
I reluctantly moved closer to the door and opened for her… How are you Nansok? I Hope your Dad delivered my letter to you?.. She said.
As she come closer and hugged me in a bid to console me, and in the process just like a flash, she smashed my lips with tender kisses…
Immediately, i went out of my senses at that moment and started wondering where on earth Mariam learnt these things from, but though I couldn’t tell her to stop because it was so pleasing and difficult for me to resist.
Meanwhile, i totally forgot my Dad was seated outside as i drifted into a land of no return.
Mariam suddenly stopped as she heard footsteps approaching and took her seat, leaving me standing and looking so confused while trying to come back to reality of my present environment.
My Dad was kind of suspicious to see me standing and looking at Mariam like someone who has just been used as a sacrifice to the village gods.
My Dad: Nansok, are you ok?..
(Mariam quickly responded)
Mariam: Yes sir, he is fine, he is just trying to remember all what i thought him yesterday..
My Dad: oh good of you Mariam, OK, let me not disturb him. make sure he remembers because that boy is too forgetful, and if he fails to remember, let me know when I get back..
Mariam: ok sir, bye…
At that moment i took my seat as my Dad was on his way to the farm.
I had suddenly forgotten all what Mariam did to me in the past but was left with so much questions to ask Mariam about what she just did to me.
Me: Mariam, How did you get to know all those things…?
Me: Who thought you…? (as i spoke in a whisper)
Mariam: Hmmm, but Nansok, do you like what i did to you..?
Me: common Mariam, stop answering my question with questions. Who taught you those things..?
Mariam: OK, it’s Mr Raymond our Intro-tech teacher.
Me: Mariam are you serious..? You mean he thought you all these…?
Mariam: Nansok common stop this.. (as she smiled) he thought me that day i went to summit my homework in the staff room. She said.
I keept wondering how can Mr Raymond teach Mariam all this, as i began to develop so much questions to ask Mariam about herself and Mr Raymond.
After my conversation with Mariam, i begun to suspect that Mr Raymond was also building interest in my only friend Mariam. No, it can’t be possible, i can’t allow him to take my friend from me, i must confront Mr Raymond tomorrow in school and tell him to stay away from my friend Mariam. I said to myself. I was acting so jealously not knowing my feelings for Mariam was growing higher and higher…
Mariam: Nansok, what are you thinking…?
Immediately, I came back to the present situation.
Me: Hmmm nothing…
Mariam: Hope you like what i did to you…?
Me: Hmmm eee”yes.. but…
Mariam: But what..? Nansok…(as she broke into laughter) common Say something Nansok.. Am listening..
Me: Nothing Mariam.. am ok.. am fine…
It was very close to our third term examinations, hence I was disturbed on how i could make a positive change in my academics, because all eyes were on me to see the outcome of the lessons with Mariam, so far. My sister Noami would be coming home for the holidays and Selya will soon be rounding up her Mock examination, the house will be filled up again, even my other relatives would be around. But how could i make everyone happy with my results, because it would surely be the topic for discussion come this season.
Instead of studying harder, i was so carried away with so much issues which Mariam engaged me with. Thinking of how to tell Mariam to stay away from that Mr Raymond and also contemplating on how to confront him in school and tell him to stay away from my friend Mariam. Also, i couldn’t stop thinking of the kisses i got from Mariam and i still hoped for more as time progresses.
It was a thursday morning after our sports activities in school. Mariam was in blue house while i was in yellow house, but Mariam always accompanied me to watch our games in blue house.
On our way to the classroom after the games, i told Mariam to kindly wait for me that i was going to the staff room with a promise to come back shortly.
Mariam inquired on my reason of visiting the staff room, but i refused telling her, even as I walked away.
Instead of waiting for me, Mariam chose to be trace me without my consent..
To be continued…!

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