I was in a relaxed mood when i heard someone knocking on the door, as i responded, ‘Who is there..? i quickly approach the door to check.
On getting to the door, i heard a sweet but sharp voice… ‘Nansok open the door It’s me Mariam and am here to teach you…’
Oh finally Mariam is here (I sighed) as i opened the door with smiles on my face.
Mariam : ‘who is in the house with you Nansok?’
Me: ‘Mariam you know i am always home alone, but thank God you are here with me…’
Mariam : ‘what of your sister selya, Is she not back from school?
Me: she always gets home by 5:30pm everyday, because she has to wait after closing hours for her Mock exam lessons.
Mariam : that’s quite late, and this is just 2:12pm, ‘hmmm’ ok, let start the lesson. As i ran inside the room to get my books… ‘But mariam, i haven’t done my homework’, have you done yours? I said as i left the sitting room, leaving Mariam to feed her eyes with the family photo frames on the wall.
On getting back, Mariam quickly took her seat
and opened her books… while i was trying to bring out my homework book, suddenly Mariam stopped what she was doing and said; ‘that even reminds me Nansok..’
‘is it true that am beautiful..?’… (silence brokekout…) hmm?.. as she moved closer, looking me eye balls to eye balls, waiting for a response… Hmm?
I was short of words because i did not really know what a lady’s beauty is really all about.
She repeated again, ‘am talking to you Nansok.?’ I am asking because our intro-tech teacher Mr Raymond always tell me that I am a beautiful girl and will be more beautiful when i grow older.
Look at me very well … Is that true..? and she stood up displaying like a model while cat walking and awaiting my confirmation.
After looking at Mariam for a while, thinking of what to say. i was confused because nobody has ever asked me such a question before.
But i vividly remember that anytime my two sisters, selya and Noami made new hairstyles, they always stood before the mirror to be comparing their beauties while i sat back and watchef them; and suddenly i understood that beauty is a word that every woman liked to be tagged with …hmm
Immediately i responded, ‘Yes Mariam, you are beautiful, you are fine.. (as i spoke in a broken voice…) Mariam was very happy and overwhelmed with my response that she could not contain her joy than to give me a hug which lasted for about 3 good minutes in a gesture of appreciation, i was shocked and surprised to experience the first hug in my life from Mariam… I really enjoyed it and wanted to go for a second one.. Mariam immediately pushed me away and said ‘Nansok, remembered I am not your mate, common stop it. and we both took our seats.
Nevertheless, the hug opened a door of questions, which i wanted to ask Mariam but i did not know how to start it because i wasn’t sure if it would put me in trouble again. Anyway, i started this way;
Mariam, do you remembered that day you wanted to tell me something in school before our social studies teacher Mr Samson came in..? I mean the day we were alone in the class room, and you said i should close my eyes.. Hmm?
Mariam: ‘OK yes, that’s reminds me.. Oh, oh, oh..
Mariam: But Nansok, do you know you are also a fine boy..?(as she smiled)
Me: Hmmm,, Me fine boy….?? I stuttered.
Mariam: Yes, so you don’t know..? I like you because you are fine, you have pointed nose and the way you smile…
I was really shy to look at Mariam while she was talking, instead i pretended to be looking at my books… While thinking of what to say.
Mariam was never shy before me, she expressed herself freely without fear… So i wonder why i was so shy to talk to her.
Thank God for my father Mr David, because this was my first time to had a good private conversation with Mariam…
And now she had begun building my confidence to talk and chat with her freely.. Wow..!
Mariam: But Nansok, my only problem with you is that you are dumb and my mom said i should not make friends with dullards in school…but don’t worry i will be teaching you “many things” from now onwards.
I really felt bad about what Mariam said.. But i hoped to do better in school so that Mariam will like me more..
Me: oh, thank you so much Mariam.. My Dad will be very happy with you when he begins to see my improvement. And again, my eldest Sister Noami promised to get me a gift if only i improve academically.
Therefore, i was very curious to learn everything Mariam was teaching me without looking back.
Mariam suddenly come closer to me and she was looking into my eyes while i talked to her. Both of us were approaching adolescence, and it was obvious that our emotional attachment was gradually increasing…
We glanced at each other when i heard a voice from the door. ‘who is home..?’
Oh nooo,.. my mom is here again.. Mariam quickly took her book and pretended to be reading while i rushed out to attend to my mum.. My mom was very happy to see both of us reading our books but Mariam decided to leave promising to continue another day.
The next day in school, our intro-tech teacher Mr Raymond came into the classroom and asked everyone to summit their assignments, Immediately remembered i had not done mine…but Mariam and others had submitted theirs, as i was so shocked to be the only one left.
Mr Raymond called me out and appointed ten students to give me one stroke of cane each, and alas,
Mariam was among the ten students but happened to be the last person to flog me, i thought Mariam would be linient with me or forgive me, rather i was surprised to received the hottest cane from Mariam … Shhhhh..!
I couldnt even imagine. what.! imediately i went back to my seat in anger, i never want to set my eyes on Mariam again in my life, as i was breathing heavily, regretting making friends with Mariam in the first place.
This was the first time i failed to submit my homework despite the fact that i always got the anwers wrong, but at least i always submitted.
I discovered that Mariam was not happy with herself, but who cares..? She felt really nervous as she tried approaching me to apologize during breaktime.
Immediately i walked out on her to get my books and start reading hoping my story of dumbness will change someday.
She was starring at me from a far distance but that was no more my business.
After we closed from school, i left alone without waiting for Mariam, and I was sure she would have been searching for me, but thank God i dit need her friendship anymore.
On getting home, i met my Dad sitting outside. I was not happy with him because I felt like transferring the aggression on him, but i pretended and greeted him..
Me: ‘Good afternoon papa…’
My Dad: ‘oh, Thank God you are here Nansok, Mariam just left here now and she dropped this book for you.. I think She wants you to start reading it before she comes for the lessons…’
My Dad: ‘Go inside and eat your food before you start reading the book..’ ‘welcome ko.. ?’
I wondered how Mariam got home before me, as i opened the book to see what Mariam wanted me to read.
i was flipping through the pages when i saw a letter titled “PLS DON’T MAKE ME CRY”.
I believe mariam knew my Father could not read that’s why she dropped this letter for me through him,
I quickly rushed inside and opened the letter as i read….
To be continued….!

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