It was 2:56pm, and suddenly, the atmospheric condition changed, while the sky became dark, the cloud threatened the peaceful afternoon with heavy rains, and I thought this should be a friendly ambience for i and Rhoda. And just before i proceeded to relax, i heard a strange knock on the door, and I rushed to find out who it was.
On getting to the door, it was my neighbor, whom everyone called Mama-tee…
She was a very good neighbour, but a very terrible spy, always snooping around for “God-knows-what
“. Albeit, Mama-tee was a fun loving person, and loved being a centre of attraction. On this particular afternoon, she had come to remind me to take inside the clothes that were washed and spread on the line, because it about to rain.
Mama-tee asked about my Dad but i told her he went to the farm since morning, she was not convinced with my response, rather she tried informing me that my Dad had been at home since morning, but because i wasn’t brave enough, I did not suspect something was fishy.
As i was still packing my mom’s clothes from the line, i saw Rhoda heading towards the house in her complete school uniform… i started to soliloquise… (Oh..! can this be true..? Is this really Rhoda..?)… Despite the crazy nature of the weather Rhoda still stuck to her promise? and i kept asking myself rhetorical questions. Without thinking further, i said ‘hello’ to her with so much smile and joy. She replied joyously and came closer to join me in taking off the clothes from the lines.
Rhoda was showing so much excitement for a first-time visitor. With an outward show of gladness, she asked, “Nansok, are you home alone?”
I answered in the affirmative, but noticed she wasn’t feeling so free, seeing Mama-tee around…but I calmed her down, by explaining that Mama-tee was a neighbour.
As expected, Mama-tee was staring at both of us in the usual manner of ‘sniffing-around’, but i pretended and ignored her, since it was in no way her business.
On getting to the seating room, Rhoda started feeding her eyes with the black & white television, wall frames pictures and calendars, while i proceeded to my Dad’s bedroom to drop the clothes, and suddenly Rhoda was beside me, inside my Dad’s bedroom, proposing to help with the arrangement of the clothes, voluntarily, I surrendered to her request, as we both started arranging the clothes.
Unknown to me, my Dad, Mr David had set a trap in the wrong position, as he was trying to spy from behind the kitchen wall in order to observe activities taking place in the seating room regards to my lessons with Mariam, not knowing that I was inside his bedroom with Rhoda.
I was so overwhelmed seeing Rhoda being eager to assist me in all the things i was doing… And suddenly i stopped what i was doing to hug her in appreciation,
but before i realised, Rhoda proceeded with some kisses, and one thing led to another, with the ‘devil’ directing my hands to sensitive areas of her body.
Rhoda could not hold-back anymore, as she quickly pushed me on the bed while a ‘beautiful struggle ensued…
Basking in the euphoria of the moment, words would fail me to describe new encounter, especially, as a teenager.
We suddenly noticed we are totally naked, as we could not explain what just transpired between us.
I noticed Rhoda was looking so gloomy, and we both became shy towards each other…though I still rushed and held Rhoda’s hands after we were fully dressed, and we gently moved back to the seating room…
My Dad suddenly noticed that someone was inside his room but he wasn’t sure enough and had to move closer to his door for confirmation…and on seeing me holding Rhoda’s hands, my Dad shouted “Nansok..!”
It was a greatest shock in my entire life as i started shivering while standing. He asked me who Rhoda was, and i told him she was my teacher’s daughter who came to visit me after school… He further probed to know what we were doing inside his room, but before i could explain, i woke up in the clinic without knowing how i got there.
When i opened my eyes, I saw my sister selya seating beside me, and tried asking her where am i, and where Rhoda was, but she did not even know who I was referring to.
After two days in the hospital, i came back home and resumed school the following morning to become more serious with my studies as i could not forget the terrible experience i had with my Dad.
Though i also hoped to see Rhoda again so that i could apologise for what happened the last time, but my examination was getting closer, so I thought of seeing her after my exams.
Mariam try to know what happened to me, but i tried my possible best tto hide it from her, but thank God she was not bold enough to confront me directly. In fact, i wasn’t even happy with her because she indirectly put me in the calamity.
I realised i couldn’t stop thinking about Rhoda, but my examination was my Paramount focus, because my Dad may crush me to another world if i disappointed him this time again. therefore i had to work hard and do well in my exams so that i could please him, and win some of his confidence.
Four weeks after my examination, my school results were finally out, everyone looked forward to seeing my results but to my greatest surprise, i came 5th in position out of 121 students… so really, the story had suddenly started to change. My Dad couldn’t imagine how it happened, as everyone was so happy with my performance while jubilation became the order of the day.
My sisters bought me gifts and encouraged me to do better in future exams if i wish to have more gifts.
Mariam was so happy with my performance as she began to develop more interest in our friendship.
I suddenly began to think that meeting Rhoda was a blessing in disguise, whereas, Mariam was the real architect of this success, and really i became confused on who i should stick to between them, as i kept reminiscing on the memories with Rhoda.
Nevertheless, Mr Raymond must not know about my relationship with Rhonda because i could not afford to put myself in another trouble, even though my feelings kept growing stronger for Rhoda than Mariam.
It’s getting to five weeks since i heard from Rhoda, so i decided to use my sister phone to put a call through..
(As we discuss..)
Me: Hi Rhoda, it me Nansok..
Rhoda: oh, Nansok thank God you are here, i have been trying to see if i can reach you but no way..
Me: it been long i hear from you that’s why i used my sister’s phone to call you..
Rhoda: i also have something to tell you Nansok because am becoming scare….
Me: Rhoda, go ahead am all ears… Talk to me..
Rhoda: actually i didn’t see my monthly flow for last month and am scared Nansok..
Hmmm, depite i didn’t clearly understand what Rhoda was trying to say on phone but i can feel within me that the music has changed and my celebration is gradually turning to be sorrows.. hmm.!
The end….
Coming next.
N:B- zero tolerance for piracy…

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