Episode 1.
My name is Nansok, i lived in kaduna state with my poor parents. My Dad was a farmer while my Mom was a petty trader, i also had two elder sisters, Selya and Naomi. At that time i was thirteen years old and in jss1 at the Romi government secondary school in kaduna state. Selya was my immediate senior, while Naomi was the eldest, but they both loved me so much irrespective of my stubborn nature.
Mr David, as everyone called my father also loved me so much but we became enemy towards each other since he realized i was among the dullest student in my class.
As a public secondary school, with a total number of students in my class being 109, i always come 106 or 108 in position. My Dad will always insist there’s no difference between me and the person who comes 109 in position, and this always gets me angry. Moreso, my Dad made sure he created more time to monitor me and know what I did instead of studying.
My mom is Mrs David but i called her “civilian soldier”, she was a disciplinarian who ensured she beats me till my ‘destiny is brought close to my hands’ , for my eyes to see the type of person am growing to become in life. But fortunately she later handed me over to my dad to continue when she confessed that she was tired.
I had a friend called Mariam, she was my neighbor at home but agreed to be my friend since we attended same school. Mariam was fourteen years old while i was just thirteen . She was very brilliant, smart, outspoken and was an exact opposite of me. Tho, mariam agreed to be my friend in school because we are neighbors at home , if not she always claimed we are not age mates.
Mariam’s parents were not that poor like mine, but we attended the same public school and we are classmates.
Mr David had always been monitoring my friendship with Mariam, because we went to school together and we came back together. He thought we were birds of same feathers, but he was disappointed when he realised that Mariam is far brilliant and better than me academically.
Mr David made his possible best to bring Mariam more closer to me at home with a belief that Mariam will help in shaping my Academic status.
One Saturday morning, my Dad invited me to reveal his plan of bringing Mariam more closer to me so that she can be taking me home lesson.. (as we discuss)
Me: ‘Good morning papa…’
Mr David : ‘my friend go and have your seat..! dull head’.
Mr David: ‘Anyway, since i don’t have money to get a home lesson teacher for you, our neighbors daughter Mariam who happens to be your classmate will be coming here to take you home lesson and assist you in your home work’. OK?
Me: ‘But pa’pa””, we are in thesame class with Mariam…’
Mr David: ‘Shut up, so you know you are in thesame class with her..?’
Mr David : ‘so how come she in doing more better than you in school..? tell me…’
Me: But Papa my friends will mock me if they get to know that Mariam is my home lesson teacher…’
My Dad: ‘you didn’t think of your friends mockery when you took 108 out of 109 in your class..? Ehhh…’
i was thinking how possible can this my lesson and Mariam be..!
As i was thinking, i remembered the day we are in the classroom with Mariam when she walk up to me and said, Nansok close your eyes i want to tell you something’ before our Social studies teacher Mr. Samson interrupted our conversation and what she wanted to do on my lips when i closed my eyes that day.
Hmmmm, I think this daddy’s idea is an opportunity for me to know what she want to tell me in school when we are alone.. Great..! (Back to my conversation with my Dad)
Me: ‘ok Papa, when are we starting the lesson..?
Mr David: ‘foolish boy, Your lesson will start by next week…’
I couldn’t wait to start the lesson with Mariam next week.
My sister selya was not in support of my lesson with Mariam but my Dad was so curious to see my improvement academically. My eldest sister Noami was in boarding school while my mom goes about her petty trading and my sister selya was busy preparing to write her Junior secondary school school Mock examination, so she was always closing from school late. The house was so boring and empty because my Dad is always busy in his farm. But thank God Mariam will be coming over to take me lessons… Hmmmm.
It was Monday afternoon, when we close from school, we both went home together with Mariam, and she promised to come over for the lesson after her house chores. So i rushed home to eat my lunch while awaiting Mariam for the day one lesson….
I was on a relaxing mood when i heard someone knocking at the door… Which i responded, ‘who is there..?’ as i quickly approach the door to check…
To be continued…!

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