“You should be happy you have such creative like me in your f**** country. Your government is not working… You people are bitter sadistic people” Toyin Lawani blasts Nigerians as she lists her achievements

Toyin Lawani, apparently fed up with her online critics, took to Instagram to rant about Nigerians, especially those who leave unfavorable comments on her posts.

The serial entrepreneur began by telling her followers that “kids are off limits” and they have no right to comment about her kids. She then went on to blast Nigerians who come on her IG page to criticize her.

She said Nigerians should be grateful a creative like her is in this country. She proceeded to slam the country and it’s government.

“You should be happy that you have such creative like me in your f****** country and that’s the truth. Your government is not working. Nothing is working. How many of you can successfully run an empire for years.”

She went on to list the ways she adds value to Nigeria and how she provides employment to physically challenged people so they can care for their families.

She added that people from other continents come to train at her fashion school yet jobless Nigerians come on her page to disrespect her.

She said: “People come and train from me, from my fashion school, from Canada, from USA, from Norway. That’s me adding value to your dead ass country.”

She went on to say that a number of Nigerians are simply bitter, sadistic people filled with hate.

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