Why The North Cannot Allow Breakup Of Nigeria – Garba Adamu

It hurts me how the oppressed has suffered so much that they’re now too familiar with their suffering and their response is now automated.

The North will not let you go because the North keeps its promises in the midst of global politics.

Countries are created based on world order of the moment & it is our duty to keep our words, even though others are trying to betray what they signed for in the name of “freedom”.

Athanasius voice @Athansiusvoice tweeted:

“What does the north have @adamugarba? If you dominate why then did Lugard said if you divide this people the Northerners will suffer they’re not smart and they have nothing? If you’re the leader then let Biafra go in peace. Why do you need our oil and us in your Nigeria? #Biafra

Garba Adamu wrote:
The North has always and will always dominate Nigeria even prior to Biafran War. Global Order made it so

We’re all prisoners of geography and the North is richly blessed with practically everything in resources, time and space

The war did not give any plus to the North. Nothing

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