‘Tinubu Will Never Be My President’ Harrysong Declares

Nigerian musician Harrysong has taken to his social media to express his disapproval of a potential Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidency.

In an Instagram post, Harrysong shared a picture of the presidential election result in Ekiti state with a caption that unequivocally shared his disapproval of the result which he tagged fraudulent.

“Fake. Lie lie. Thief, Dictator .. corrupt INEC. oppressor…. Tinubu Desperately wants to be president and rule us by fire by force? .. I swear I die on this matter. Save this post ||. Tinubu will and can never BE my president,” the caption reads.

Harrysong is not the only celebrity to have reacted to the allegations of widespread electoral malpractices across the country.

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