The Catholic Church Is The Most Organized Structure On Earth, Others Run Church Like Shops– Bishop David Oyedepo

General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has stated that the Catholic Church set up an ‘organized structure’ unlike others.

Noting that many people run the church like a shop where they ‘make sales on Sunday, spend it during the week, and then come back the next market day’, the popular cleric commended the Catholic church for doing an extremely good job in terms of its structure.

He stated that it is only in the Catholic church that one can sit down and pull out materials from 50-60 years ago, in their original form.

He added that the Catholic Church has the most organized structure on earth as they still have access to materials dating back hundreds of years ago.

In his words: “In my own view, the Catholic has done a good job in terms of structure. An extremely good job. Amazing good job. Where you can sit down and pull out materials of 50-60 years ago, in its original form. How many of us in ministry today can pull out materials from 10 years?

“It (The catholic church) is known to be the longest, organized system on the earth. About 2000 years in existence.

“And then came the major protestant, the Church of England. They made a good deal of organization.

“If we keep going like this, not one material will be traced to the Charismatic . If we keep going like we are going without reviewing our steps, without seeing the place or order, it will fizzle out because many are running it like a shop, you make sales on Sunday, spend it during the week and then come back the next market day.”

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