Slay Queen, Teju Pretty Alleges That Businesswoman Who Disgraced Her For Owing N1.055m Has Apologized

Popular Instagram Slay Queen, Teju Pretty who was disgraced online for owning has shared new videos in which she alleged that the businesswoman who confronted her for owing her N1.055m has tendered an apology.

The businesswoman, Diamond and another lady were seen in one of the videos she shared, kneeling and begging her to forgive them. In another video, she was asking them to send her balance and accusing them of chasing clout on social media over an item that was sold over a year ago.

Teju Pretty who claimed not to be a fan of bringing women down, said she doesn’t have anything against anyone anymore as it was a simple misunderstanding that went too far.

She Wrote;

“They have apologized to me and I have nothing against anyone anymore,it was a simple misunderstanding that went too far,I’d like to implore everyone stop attacking all involved parties..(you can continue attacking me tho,I’m used to ya’ll) but pls leave the poor girls alone and move on with your lives pls.”

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