Popular Nigerian Pastors Never Liked TB Joshua

The death of prophet TB Joshua has certified my suspicion of many years that big and popular pastors especially the non prophets, don’t like TB Joshua.

There is a divided ship in Nigeria when it comes to NIGERIA pastors, if you look at it very well, there are those that are for TB JOSHUA and those that are for the other G,O of another ministry, but i won’t mention any name of G,O on this thread.

I’ve realised that the men of GOD that have paid tribute to TB Joshua are all prohets of GOD.

Up till now, no words of tribute from the Christian bodies of Nigeria. The famous and popular G,O of big Nigeria ministries are quiet.
But men and women of GOD from other different countries from Africa and the world are all paying their tributes and even crying on television because of the calling home of TB Joshua.

I know the award giving to him by the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan many years ago will fuel jealousy from other Nigeria men of GOD.

So below is a well documented YouTube video to prove that many pastors in Nigeria were jealous of TB Joshua.
They even disliked him.

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