New Nigeria’ll Work If Leaders Stop Stealing, No Need To Change Constitution — Peter Obi

The 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, on Friday, submitted that Nigeria need not change its constitution before the nation can function well.

Information Nigeria reports that Obi stated this at the Chinua Achebe Symposium, and the 10th Anniversary Memorial and 40th Anniversary of His seminal booklet “The Trouble with Nigeria Is Self-Inflicted” at Princeton University, New Jersey, United States of America.

In a series of posts via X, he posited that the leadership of the country must be one that has its credentials identifiable.

His words:

“Regarding the vision of a New Nigeria we must restructure; if Nigeria is being operated in ways that stop stealing; it will work. We don’t need to change the Constitution to secure the country,we need to do the right thing and abide by the rule of law.

“Now, there is real trouble in Nigeria.

“Rascality has become a measure of success in Nigeria. That must change.

“We must have leadership that is committed to the rule of law.. that has an identity and credentials that can be verified.

“If India can feed its population, Nigeria with one-seventh of her population can do the same.”

Source: Naijaloaded

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