Many Actors In Nollywood Are Going Through Depression – Actress Dolly Unachukwu Reveals

Thespian Dolly Unachukwu has revealed that many actors in the movie industry are going through a lot of depression.

The Nollywood actress made this known while addressing the issue on her Instagram page. She said that many upcoming and established actors are under immense pressure to live the good life and maintain a certain standard.

She wrote:  “I have seen it all in the film industry. You don’t want to know how depressed many upcoming and established Nigerian actors are. The average Nigerian actor is under immense pressure to live the good life and meet up with expected standards. 

In the process, there is no love for one another anymore. It is all pretence, and anyone can be sly and manipulative for the selfish glory. The culture is very individualistic now, and I can confidently say that things may be getting worse. 

You don’t need to go to the village to see village people anymore. Village people are now in the industry.

If you have a tested and trusted friend, keep them, hold them tight and don’t you ever let them go! The world is crueler than you can ever imagine!”

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