Man Divorces Wife And Marries The Maid In Zambia

A Ndola man was sued by his wife whom he has been married to for seven years and have two kids. She wanted the Court to reconcile them and didn’t understand why her husband decided to divorce her and get their maid to be his wife.

  • She told the Court that she loved her husband dearly and never believed why he could do such a thing.
  • When the Court asked the man what he had to say in response to his wife’s position, the Man categorically told the court that he was not going to change his mind as his decision was final.
    He went on to tell the Court that he had enough from his wife who was too lazy to do house chores leaving everything to be done by the maid.
  • On two occasions, Elders had sat them down in trying to help matters but there had been no change.
    All what the wife did at home was just busy issuing instructions to their maid whilst she would be seated carried away with the phone.
    The hubby further told the Court that even during on weekends when not working, his wife would never bother to cook for him his favorite meals as she used to do in the early days of their marriage, but would instead get busy preparing herself to go attend Kitchen Party Committees, coming back drunk in some cases a thing she never used to do in the past.
  • The hubby went further asking the Court to carefully look at the long nails of his wife if really that kind of a woman could do any house Chores. So in as far as he was concerned, the maid was now going to be his wife since she was the one who was being asked to do everything at home including caring for the kids.

Marriage was dissolved since the Court had nothing much they could do.

  • Identify where the problem was?
  • Who was wrong In this matter?
  • Did the man indeed make the right decision?

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