Lionel Messi: Barcelona expert Jordi Alba makes merciless case Cristiano Ronaldo will abhor

BARCELONA star Lionel Messi is by a wide margin the best player on the planet and far in front of any semblance of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

That is as indicated by Messi’s Barca colleague Jordi Alba with the Argentine apparently the best player ever.

Messi has won five Ballon d’Ors in a sparkling profession and has had another dazzling season this year.

Many foresee the forward to back off as he gets more established with Messi now 31 years old.

Be that as it may, for Alba, who has played close by Lionel Messi at the Nou Camp since 2012, the star is simply sparkling more brilliant and more brilliant.For me, Leo hasn’t changed.” Alba disclosed to France Football.

Our relationship has dependably been the equivalent, he is generally amazing.

“We have been playing together for a long time. He has made me a superior footballer

“Concerning his amusement, he’s stunningly better than previously, which could appear to be unthinkable in light of the fact that he was at that point the best on the planet!

“Two GOATs you say? No way,” the Blues star recently said.

“There is only one GOAT: Him, Lionel Messi!

He is over every single other footballer by a gigantic edge.”

Messi is regularly contrasted with Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo with regards to choosing who is the better player.

And keeping in mind that Alba trusts Messi is the best on the planet, Chelsea star Eden Hazard concurs.

“Two GOATs you state? No chance,” the Blues star as of late said.

“There is just a single GOAT: Him, Lionel Messi!

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