Lady Predicted Buhari’s Ban On Twitter 6 Years Ago

As shared…

I have refrained from commenting on Nigerian politics because on two occasions i warned Nigerians about the APC and Buhari and their tendency to ruin lives, businesses and destinies but some hurled insults others rained abuses. I hope they are all enjoying the “beautiful” change they brought.

The Twitter tragedy that happened today was predicted by Ijeoma about 6 years ago, facebook will be next and channels like CNN on DSTV will follow.

May God help us to help ourselves next time!

May God Bless What is Left of The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Ijeoma IeRx @Art_of_Achalugo:
Vote for Buhari. Let him make mistake and win. Twitter will go first. Then DSTV. Then all channels but NTA. Followed by dress code, curfew..

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