Can u Imagine Davido? See The Rubbish He Posted About Osun State Governor, Oyetola

This is truly uncalled for.

Davido is taking this governmental issues thing moronically genuine and excessively far. What he posted on his Instagram page today is unquestionably not something any sensible individual ought to do.

See the refuse he posted beneath:-

We comprehend you are attempting to help your Uncle however doing trash like this on Social media is simply silly and moronic.

How Davido is sharing in this Osun state governmental issues stuff is horrifying and ill bred.

Leave governmental issues for lawmakers, every one of these individuals comprehend the diversion, they battle messy freely and rub every others back covertly and now and then openly, dem no get disgrace.

We simply trust this Davido’s over association in political thingy doesn’t have a huge negative impact on his melodic adventure.

This is never again support, this is idiocy! Indeed, even your uncle that is the contradicting hopeful didn’t come full scale against them as you’ve done.

It’s about time that, we as a whole met up to give Our Beloved David a real prompt about this issue.

All of you remember amid the Presidential Election when he was battling front and back for Atiku, soliciting individuals to vote in favor of him. On Election day however he was in far away South Africa making a mind-blowing most yet approaching us to hazard our Life for Atiku.

Davido is certainly a Hypocrite – No uncertainty about that. Notwithstanding anything, Davido should know Oyetola is mature enough to be his dad and he has the right to be regarded.

This will negatively affect his profession on the off chance that he doesn’t stop.

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