I Just Lost My Close Girlfriend To Coronavirus – Nigerian Man Cries

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to lament after losing a close girlfriend to Coronavirus in Abuja.

The Twitter user, @SalmanDuke said the deceased had been ill and was treating malaria and typhoid until last Thursday when she tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

It’s sad Covid-19 prevented me from being there when you gave up the ghost, which I’m very sure it was your last wish as you always say

“Bobo come and hold me. Magana I will miss you for the rest of my life. The Hausa you thought and all the connections you gave in Abuja.I insisted you were exposed to Covid-19, you claimed it was Malaria, you kept treating malaria to typhoid until last week Thursday when things exacerbated and you went for proper checks at the National Hospital and you were tested positive. You really fought hard Magana.” he tweeted.

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