“How A Strange Voice Ordered Me To Kill People After Smoking Hemp” – 23-Year-Old Suspect Opens Up

Abdulafeez Shorinade, a 23-year-old suspected drug addict, has been arrested by law-enforcement officers.

The man, who was apprehended in Iwo, Osun State for allegedly stabbing a lady to death and inflicting injuries on another , opens up to BOLA BAMIGBOLA on his actions

What is your name, age and occupation?

I am Abdulafeez Shorinade. I am 23 years old. I am a barber based in Iwo, Osun State.

What brought you to police detention?

I attacked two persons with a pair of scissors and one of them died.

How did the incident happen?

The day the incident happened, I was at work. I am a barber and I have a shop. I learnt the vocation after I left Arabic school. I spent about nine months at the Arabic school after which I returned to my boss to complete my training as a barber. Initially, I was enjoying my job, it was very pleasing, but later, things started to get boring for me. I used to pray very well.

What happened on the day you attacked your victims?

What happened that night was that I was sleeping at my shop, and suddenly, I woke up. I started having some strange feelings as if a spirit wanted to come out of me. So, I went to a mosque to pray. After praying, I decided to return to my shop. On my way back to the shop, I saw a pair of scissors by the road. Before then, I had been having some strange feelings. One voice directed me to pick up a broken bottle lying by the road and I picked it. The broken bottle was in my hand when I also found the scissors. When I took the scissors, it appeared to me exactly like the praying mat that I was carrying. So, I took it. It was already getting dark. I saw a lady walking along the road and moved close and I stabbed her and ran away.

Still, the strange feelings didn’t leave me. The voice was still giving me orders and I could not resist it. I was still holding the broken bottle and the scissors. Later, I saw another lady coming towards the route I was to pass. I followed her and I noticed that people were not around the place; so, I also stabbed her with the scissor and fled.

When did you start hearing this voice commanding you to attack people?

I came to work in Iwo after my Arabic schooling. I grew up in Lagos. I started having the strange feelings, hearing the voice since year 2020. I went to visit one of my cousins in Ikotun, Lagos. His family members were attending a white garment church and I went to their house. Back then, I was still living with my parents and I used to move around with a group that had a bad influence on me. My group members used to smoke Indian hemp. My parent were against this. My cousin’s parents were operating a healing home and a church. I went to the place for treatment.

Did you smoke Indian hemp the night you stabbed the ladies?

Yes, I smoked Indian hemp that night.

Do you always hear this strange voice whenever you smoke Indian hemp?

Indian hemp attracts the strange feelings whenever I smoke it. I will be hearing voices directing me to do things.

Did you inform your parent or anyone about it?

Some people I tried to tell insulted me. They would say it was because I smoked Indian hemp but I used to hear the voice even without smoking.

Why did you stop schooling?

I went to Arabic school last year. But I stopped going to school after my O’ Level. I was trying to help myself. The moment I told my parents that I wanted to ‘hustle’ after my secondary school, they abandoned me.

Where are your parents now?

They are in Lagos.

How were you arrested?

In the case of the first person I stabbed, I ran away. The second one, when I was about to flee, I heard the voice again telling me that I must not run. The moment I heard that voice, I was confused and waited and then I went back to the scene.

Since you were arrested and have been in detention, have you heard the voice again?

No; I have not been hearing the voice.

Why didn’t you stop smoking Indian hemp, since you know you always hear this strange voice after smoking?

I don’t know why.

Source: The PUNCH

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