Heartwarming Photo Of Bread Seller Wearing Her Son’s Graduation Gown As He Bags A Law Degree

A heartwarming photo of a young graduate and his mother has gone viral after he gave his graduation gown to her as he bagged a law degree.

He also revealed the troubles his mom went through to make his big day a reality.

The young man bagged a law degree from Protestant University in Congo after being sponsored by his petty trader mum who sells bread.

The post was sighted on the official page of African Heroes Magazine which captures the moment the young man posed with his mum who wore the graduation gown as they both held a big basin containing the bread she sells.

The post was shared before Mother’s Day to eulogize the woman and all women in general for sacrifices like this as exemplified herein for their children.

The caption on the Instagram page read;

“This man in a jacket is a student of the UPC (Protestant University in Congo) who obtained his law degree and who preferred to wear his gown on his mother for the sacrifices made through the sale of pieces of bread, source income that financed his studies.

“Waooh! This man is an example to follow and a source of inspiration. “Let’s be thankful. Happy Mother’s Day to all.”

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