“Don’t Jump Into Marriage Because Somebody Has Money” – Bishop Oyedepo Warns Single People

The man of God said it is wrong to put money first when it comes to marriage.

Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has warned people marrying because of money.

The man of God said it is wrong to put money first when it comes to marriage.

Taking a cue from his own life, the clergyman gave the advice while preaching in his church on Sunday, August 29, stating that he did not have money when he got married to his wife, Faith, 39 years ago.

”You don’t jump into marriage because somebody has money. I didn’t have no money. I didn’t look like someone who will have money. Just one boy who doesn’t know what he is saying, always saying, “Jesus loves you.”

Did we say, “He hates us before”?

You think this man has any future?

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

You couldn’t imagine that you could see the meaning of wealth and now they say, “He is the richest Pastor in the world.” From the forest.

They have a right to say that because he doesn’t borrow, he doesn’t beg and yet he doesn’t lack. Then what is wealth?

For someone to say, “you can’t marry that person. You know your status, my status in town, you want to marry somebody who is …! Don’t let me talk nonsense to you.”

There are some parents like that: they are the ones to marry their daughter to somebody.

“How many degrees does he have?” Only one. No, not in this family, we don’t have one degree here! Then marry her. You are the father, be the father and husband. ” he said

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