Cynthia Morgan Slams Paul And Jude Okoye

Renown raggae/dancehall artiste, Cynthia ‘Madrina’ Morgan has become the topic of discussion on social media after she slammed singer Paul Okoye ‘Rude Boy’ and his elder brother Jude Okoye on Instagram.

On Thursday, Cynthia Morgan on her Instagram Story called out her former record label boss, Jude, saying;

“Jude Engees Okoye @judeengees you will suffer for your evil ways.“

Cynthia Morgan also slammed Jude’s younger brother, Paul Okoye, via the same social media platform on Friday.

In another post, she mentioned her erstwhile manager, Joy Tongo, by simply writing; “Lol”.

The posts comes as a surprise to many as the singer recently in an open letter thanked Jude Okoye, for his contribution to her music career.

She wrote;

“And for this idiot Paul Okoye saying it is people that failed that is blaming Jude Engees Okoye, may God punish you.”

Her open letter was released following the drama that ensued after she attributed her sudden hiatus from the music industry to her discord with Jude Okoye and Joy Tongo.

As a result of her revelation, many Nigerians rallied around her, hoping to help her back on her feet and return to the music industry.

In his reaction to the accusation, Jude Okoye revealed all he did for Cynthia, denying some of the accusations she made against him.

On her part, Joy Tongo also reacted saying Cynthia was looking for a pity from Nigerians and released a copy of the contract Cynthia signed with Jude to dispute the singer’s claim that the contents of the contract was not in her favor.

Many Nigerians on Twitter have now reacted to the sudden outburst of Cynthia Morgan.

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