Coronavirus: Medical expert explains why men are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than women

A medical doctor with the Federal Medical Center, FMC, in Makurdi, Benue State, Ifegbike Kalu, on Wednesday gave reasons why Coronavirus may affect more men than women.

Kalu stated that men are likely to contract COVID-19 because they are susceptible to underlying illnesses like Diabetes, hypertension and stress.

He spoke with GOODYLOADED while reacting to the debate making the rounds that more men are likely to die of COVID-19 than women.

Dr Kalu, however, explained that the medical profession needs time to prove such postulation.

He said: “You know studies are still ongoing. There is nothing strong when it comes to argument for or against the fact that Coronavirus affects men more than women.

“But generally, most sickness tend to affect men more than women due to hormonal defences and possibly genetic issues.

“However, we in the medical field need time to be able to prove that this particular ailment (COVID-19) affects men more but like I said, most ailment seems to affect men more than women based on hormonal defences and stress level.

“If you look at the issue of underlying illness like Diabetes and hypertension, you will discover that men are more affected than women. S looking at it, we can say men are likely to be affected more with COVID-19 than women.”

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