Veteran Actress, Joke Silva’s Message To Nigerians On Independence Day

One of Nigeria’s most iconic actresses, Joke Silva, has stated that she has refused to lose hope in Nigeria, as the country marks its 61st Independence Day celebration.

The veteran actress took to her verified Instagram page on Friday to question the future of the country.

Despite the questioning, Silva also stated that she believed the country will be better because the past must never be better than the future.

She further stated that she would not lose hope, calling other Nigerians to work individually to make the country better than it was in the past.

As she shared a picture of herself in traditional attire, the Nollywood star wrote, “Will it get better? I believe so. Our past must never be better than our future.

“So we refuse to lose hope; Do what we can individually to make today better than yesterday. Happy Independence celebrations.”

In the same vein, the former president, Goodluck Jonathan, had called on Nigerians to be optimistic about the future of the country, despite the challenges it currently faces.

“We may have hiccups along the way and challenging times that might be stretching our resolve and determination to forge ahead. But we should not relent nor succumb to fear, discouraging trials and threats of today,” Jonathan had said.

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