Reno Omokri Lists Ten Characteristics Of A Wife Material

Many believe that there are some of the characteristics a lady should have or portray to show that she is a wife material.

Reno Omokri on the other hand has decided to give the list of characteristics he feels a wife material must have.

The human rights activist took his time out to list what he believes and many of his fans supported it fully.

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Reno who is known for dishing daily advice called nuggets has come out with a new addition to the list as he curates a list of characteristics to look out for in a woman who is intended to be made a wife.

Taking to his Instagram page, Reno Omokri wrote;

  1. Gives you love, not romance
  2. She does not need you for finance, or anything else.
  3. She is with you because she wants you
  4. You can argue with her without the argument becoming a fight
  5. She has high relevance, but is not high maintenance
  6. She has her own independent, legal and provable source of income
  7. Her relationship does not break when you are broke
  8. Her human hair weave on is not her most expensive asset
  9. She encourages you to save instead of taking her out to eat all the time
  10. She is not insecure and does not check your phone, if she has issues, she confronts you directly
    She knows how to pray, play, slay and stay

If she has these features, then consider making her your future.”


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