Reno Omokri: God Won’t Save Nigeria

Reno Omokri has stated that God will not save Nigeria unless Nigerians come together to save the country, IgbereTV reports.

In a post shared on his Instagram handle, Reno stated that Nigerians are ready to sleep in churches for prayers but are not willing to sleep in polling units during elections. He also stated that Nigerians are willing to cast their votes during BBNaija but refuse to do the same during an actual election.

His post reads

”Nigerians are willing to sleep in church, but are not willing to sleep in a polling booth to make sure their votes are not rigged. Every year, more votes are cast on #BBNaija than are cast in actual elections.

We vote for drama rather than for good government. And then we wonder why we have clowns for leaders. Buhari has ruined Nigeria, but Nigerians keep praying to God to save Nigeria. God won’t save Nigeria.

God has already empowered us to save our country. If we outsource our deliverance to God via prayers, we will remain where we are until we realise God gave us hands not just to eat, but to free ourselves from oppressors.”

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