President Buhari Has No Capacity To Clean Up Nigeria – Bishop Adeleye

The Arch-Bishop, Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity Anglican Communion, Niger Delta Province, Most Rev. Tunde Adeleye has said that the present administration has no capacity to clean the mess in the country.

Addressing a press conference in Calabar, Bishop Adeleye, who is also the Chairman of the Christian Council of Nigeria, South-South Zone said that Nigerians should not expect more from this government as the leadership had no capacity to change anything.

“Nigeria needs to be cleaned up but the people to clean it up are not born, it is not these people that can clean it up, not one of them can clean it up. The system is bad”, he said.

On the last Presidential election tribunal judgment, Arch-Bishop Adeleye regretted that he did not expect a different outcome from the tribunal.

“I did not expect anything from the tribunal. I would have been very surprised to hear anything different from what we heard. I’m not a lawyer but look at it, they said you don’t have to present your certificate before you are elected, but the system I am used to is properly organized, and orchestrated by norms and decorum.

“It’s not a place where you can come and rigmarole or magical display of law to say you don’t have to present your certificate,” he said.

He expressed displeasure with the xenophobic attack of Nigerians in South Africa, saying 70% of our youths have no future in the country and to reverse this trend, the leadership of the country had a responsibility to make the country right so that citizens of the country can stay back and contribute in developing the country.

He said Nigeria did not have the right understanding and projection of the threat posed by Xenophobia.

“Nigerian government did not respond early, I think they should have responded faster than how they did. They did not have a proper projection and failed to properly understand the dimension the matter was going, they did not imagine things will come to this and took things for granted.

“Make this place good, provide jobs, houses, and give Nigerians a future. 70% of Nigerians have no future. The political class have taken all, there is nothing again for the youths.

“Give them a future, give them jobs, give them what to do, make schools and hospitals ok, so that the country can be ok for the people to stay.

“Doctors have not stopped being on strike, lecturers are planning now to go on strike. Make the place ok for people to live in, make the roads good. If you travel on any road in Nigeria like I have done several times, its hell on earth”, he said.

He deplored the rising case of kidnapping, failing infrastructure, faltering economy and lack of basic amenities in the country as reasons people leave the country, stressing that presently in Nigeria, the only thing that moves the country is when a cow dies.

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