Nigerian Police Officers Are Nice Online Until You Jam Them On The Road – Mr. Macaroni

According to him, the police force is so nice on social media suggesting that they will severely deal with you when you meet them in person.

Popular comedian, Debo Adedayo aka Mr. Macaroni has talked about Nigerian police officers.

In a Twitter post, Macaroni revealed that the police officer are so nice on social media, but are not accommodating when you meet them in person.

He wrote:

“Nigerian Police Officers are Nice online. Until you jam them on the road.

They apologized to Ridwan after beating him up by saying “sorry, we no know say you be big man”

So only big men deserve to be treated with respect?


Some reactions that his post got are:

@EmperorBreeze – If to say na small people like me naw, we for don dey suffer again.. may God punish them o

@BasseyHepzibah – Imagine! They should have just say sorry which one be we no no say you be big man

@IAduroja – .and some ‘small man’ is here defending their rascality.The day they confront you even without confronting them,na jeje you dey go o;make sure you bury your mouth inside the sand that day o.If you see others challenging them, can’t you keep quiet if you have nothing better to say

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