More nominations for Nigeria at 2019 Africa Movie Academy Awards

Nigeria is ahead on the the nominations table at the 2019 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). The highlights also showed that one film, ‘The Delivery Boy’, secured 12 nominations in all the big acting and production categories.

The film, which is a fine take on the backstory of terrorists and weaves in societal questions in its one-of-a-kind plot, was directed by Adekunle ‘Nodash’ Adejuyigbe and produced by Something Unusual Studios.

It is okay to wonder why you might not have heard about this magic-making director and production company. Like treasures that need to be sought out, Nodash and Something Unusual Studios have evaded the radar for a bit, but we found them.

You don’t see it until you see it. By this, we mean all the great works by Nodash and his team. The all-round creative has been in the industry for over a decade and has been part of most of biggest film and television projects from Nigeria.

Before ‘The Delivery Boy’, Nodash had worked on Mo’ Abudu’s Fifty, to Tope Oshin’s Ireti, and Journey to Self, to Kunle Afolayan’s The Bridge, The Tribunal, and his most recent film, Mokalik. He also worked on Isoken, and the recently released Bling Lagosians amongst others.

Having worked on some of the biggest films in Nigeria, we dare to say that there is hardly a major film shoot Nodash and the technical arm of Something Unusual Studios – The Elite Film Team, havent not worked on.

Is this the gift that keeps giving? It seems so and AMAA, the biggest film academy award in Africa seems to agree. ‘The Delivery Boy’ snagged nominations across acting and production categories; and that’s excellence speaking loud and clear.

Starring Jemima Osunde (Nkem) and Jammal Ibrahim (Amir) as the two unlikely friends who must survive the night, ‘The Delivery Boy’ takes you on an emotional, psychological rollercoaster aided by great production.

The Delivery Boy was released in 2018 and the media has been raving with news of its success in the festival circuit. It has screened in major film festivals across the world, clinching awards on the way and striking much needed conversations on the growth of the industry and Nigeria.In 2018, at the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF), it was awarded Best Nigerian Film and with the 12 AMAA nominations, ‘The Delivery Boy’ is here to dominate.

Other film producers still rely on outsourcing the core parts of their production to people like Something unusual Studios but Adekunle’s company has been able to build a structure that allows them make award-winning films that this gives them a unprecedented edge.

While we await the AMAA awards, it is safe to stay curious about what Nodash and his team might have in store next. They have set very high standards for film and from hints on their social media pages, the next project is set to surpass expectations.

We are seated with our cinema coins, ready to stake this one out. It is important because it will answer the nagging question – Has Adekunle ‘Nodash’ Adejuyigbe silently built a formidable Nollywood powerhouse or is this just coincidence?

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