International Flight Returns To Enugu Airport After Two Years

This is really great for the economy of Enugu/AlaIgbo in particular and Nigeria in general, although the period of fixing the airport took a lot more than expected, I’m personally grateful to President Mohammed Buhari on this one, now it all makes sense maybe it was worth the wait. For the past two years the Akanuibiam international Airport Enugu had been on close down amidst Repair and Covid 19 lockdown, today we witnessed the reopening to international flight in the airport as Ethiopian Airline resume flights to the destination.It was a light occasion in the Airport today which I’m honestly happy to withness, I want to appeal to people especially Igbos, to fly the Ethiopian airline enroute Enugu and your cargoes too, according to the Enugu Manager of the Ethiopian airline, they are ready to serve us as far as we are ready to cooperate.

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