“If You Live In Luxury More Than Your Landlord, You Are A Luxurious Fool” -Reno Omokri

Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri is of the opinion that if one uses a better car and wears more expensive clothes than their landlord, then he/she needs to pray for wisdom.

He said that big boys who live in a rented apartment with their expensive phone and clothes are luxurious fools.

He Tweeted;

“You drive a better car, use a costlier phone, and wear more expensive designer clothes than your landlord, and you think you are a big boy? You should pray for wisdom. Big boys don’t RENT luxury houses and BUY luxury cars. That is the luxury of big fools! In fact, since the introduction of Uber and other ride sharing services, genuine big boys no longer even buy cars. They just charter luxurious ride sharing cars to get from point A to B. Except you are using it for commercial purposes, a car is a liability today. Buy luxury assets instead of luxury cars!”

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