I Will Do My Best To Ensure That Hardworking Nigerians Succeed – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday said that he would do all in his power to see that hardworking Nigerians succeed in their various endeavours.

Buhari, who spoke at a town hall meeting with Southeast leaders in Owerri during his one-day official visit to Imo State, also noted that he wants to be remembered as the president who stabilised Nigeria in the area of security, economic prosperity, and triumphs over corruption.

‘‘I will do my best to ensure that Nigerians that try hard, succeed in their efforts,’’ he said.

According to a communique by his special media aide, Femi Adesina, the President emphasized that with less than two years left in his eight-year tenure, security still remains a major priority for his administration.

‘‘If there is no security, there is nothing anyone can do no matter how much you try or the initiative you have.

‘‘Security is the number one priority and then the economy. When people feel secure they will mind their own business,’’ he said.

The President told South-East leaders that while fighting corruption in Nigeria had become very sophisticated and difficult, he would continue to strive to leave a lasting legacy of integrity and accountability in the system.

‘‘Nobody can accuse me of having companies or mansions anywhere in the country and I thank God that I try to keep myself as clean as possible so that I cannot be taken, hostage.

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