God Has Chosen Tinubu To Lead Nigerians To Promised Land – Bishop Marke Reveals

The founder of the New Heaven Evangical Ministries, Akwanga, Nasarawa State, Bishop Lawrence Marke, has said God revealed to him that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, an All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, will become President of Nigeria in 2023.

Bishop Marke, who stated this at a special prayer session organized for Tinubu in Abuja at the weekend, said the former Lagos Governor “is the chosen one to sail the nation to the promise land”.

“Among all the presidential aspirants in contention for the noble seat of presidency, God is at peace with Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is the chosen one to sail the Nation to the promise land. For the people rejoice when the righteous is in power,” the clergyman said.

Speaking further, Bishop Marke said,

“God chooses a man for his people in ways that we cannot begin to understand. Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu is someone God has chosen. How do you know a leader? You know a leader by the way they have impacted the public in the past, by the way they do all they can with what they have to lead the public in good faith.”

He said Nigeria has been stagnant for years because of lack of religious harmony, adding that the nation needed a leader like Tinubu who is not religiously biased.

He said,

“Nigeria has had the religious clash issues for so many years, this being one of the basic reasons we are suffering what we are today. Nigeria needs a leader who is not religiously biased, a leader who does not support a religious sect for any reason, whatsoever. Nigeria needs a fearless leader who is not bent by any religious sect, one that remains unbiased in his decision making. Nigeria needs a man like Ahmed Bola Tinubu. He has had our interest at heart for so long in time, his goal is Nigeria and Nigerians. Putting us first before himself, because this has been his long childhood dream.”

Bishop Marke added that,

“it will be unreasonable that we do not see what God has set before our very own eyes. We shouldn’t be blinded to the answer of our prayers and cry.”

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