DNA Paternity Testing Coming To Lekki In October

A new DNA Laboratory is opening in Lekki on October 18 and will be offering a whooping 75% discount on DNA Paternity tests for one month as promo. I signed a publicity contract with the M.D today. Many families in Nigeria will not wear the same colour of Aso ebi this December.

All the way from Northern Ireland, the retired Medical Doctor read about the high rate of paternity fraud in Nigeria and brought his life savings to come and plant in Lekki. Nigerian Billionaires don’t know how to take advantage of the bad things in this country.

They say that only a woman knows the real father of her child. So I have just one question for Nigerian married women especially those living around Lekki axis where their husband will easily access this facility. Mummy, is your marriage safe?

Source:- Threadreader

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