Check Out This Amazing Transformation Of Williams Uchemba’s Adopted Son

Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba took to Instagram to share photos of his adopted son.

The actor had adopted the young boy with a promise to sponsor his education.

He adopted the young boy identified as Demola a year ago, and shared the news on his Instagram page.

According to Uchemba, he met Demola at a carpentry workshop while getting some furniture for his ongoing project.

He said Demola graduated from Secondary School with good grades and wanted to study Economics in the university but has no sponsor, hence acquiring carpentry skills since he could not go to school.

In a recent post on Instagram, the actor shared new photos of the boy and gushed over his new look.

He captioned the photos:

”Please can someone help me beg this my son @kareez_dml_ to cut soap for me?? the boy come day fresh pass me.”

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