Buhari Is Clueless Leader – Popular Hausa Singer, Fati Lambasts Nigerian Government In New Song

Fati Niger, a popular Hausa musician, has released a new song, describing President Muhammadu Buhari as naive, adding that the current government has inflicted more hardship on Nigeria’s poor citizens.

The Kano State-based female musician also mocked the president, stating that the clueless regime failed the citizens in three key socio-economic areas.

She insisted that the Buhari regime got almost everything wrong with the president’s tyrannical style of governance.

Parts of the lyrics of the song in Hausa, obtained by SaharaReporters were, “If I were Buhari, I’ll be a listening leader and would deploy the right approach to addressing insecurity, because as at today, the territory, Nigeria has been overwhelmed by terrorism.

“If I were Buhari, I would have planned the economy by providing adequate palliatives to suppress the inflammation before shutting down borders against importation of agricultural products.

“To me, a decision to close borders was poorly taken because farmers ought to have been empowered to produce enough food for domestic consumption before the radical clamp down on importation of food items.

“Elsewhere, wise administrators would ordinarily subsidise agriculture, by buying from farmers at high price and selling same for local consumption at a lower price.

“For failing this bad, one can only conclude that again, here we have a clueless leader in the saddle.”

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