Angry Mob Burnt Suspected Ritualist To Ashes In Nasarawa

Angry mob reportedly burnt a suspected ritualist to Ashes in Agyaragu, Obi Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

Salemgists learnt that the ritualist was attempting to kidnapped a little girl who was selling locally made drink (Kunu drink).

A source at the scene of the incident told salemgists that the suspected ritualist met the little girl selling Kunu in the street and bought the Drink from her. He then asked the girl to follow him to collect money, pretending he don’t have cash at hand.

The source narrated that the little girl was following the man to an unknown location, some set of women who knew the little girl saw her, and ask her why is she following the man, she told them what happened.

On hearing this, the Women raise Alarm and the man was arrested immediately by some youth within the area, he confessed that he was intending to go with the little girl.

He further confessed that he is into kidnapping kid and selling them for ritual purposes for a long time. The angry youths caught and handed him over to Vigilante.

The source said the vigilante handed him back to the youths where he was set ablaze in the Main market before the arrival of the police.

Source:- Salemgist

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