SOME TRUTHS ABOUT THE WIFE’S CLITORIS… 1. The clitoris is a God-created organ, created only for sexual pleasure. Don’t be shy about it.2. Alot of men ignore the clitoris not knowing how powerful a woman’s clitoris is.3. The clitoris is more sexually sensitive than the vagina. Ignoring it is missing out on a lot.4. The husband’s tongue and the wife’s clitoris make a perfect match.5. The husband’s tongue is suitable because it is naturally lubricated and can bend and do acrobatics on her throbbing clitoris. The lubrication is good because the clitoris is senstive. 6. The fingers of the husband can also be used to rub and please the clitoris as he kisses her.7. The husband can also rub his hardened penis on her clitoris for pleasure.8. Playing with the clitoris is good foreplay, it makes your wife sufficiently wet to receive your hardened commando. 9. Dear wives, do not be self conscious about your clitoris. Spread your legs and let your husband see you in all your glory to play with that sweet centre of yours. A rigid and closed up wife will not enjoy love making. Confidence and freedom is attractive to your husband.10. Dear husbands, give clit jobs as much as you request for blow jobs.11. Pleasing your spouse sexually and creatively is not ungodly as long as both of you are comfortable and enjoy it.12. Most loving husbands get turned on by sexually pleasing their spouse. If your husband loves licking you and rubbing your clitoris, don’t refuse him. 13. A lot of wives wish their husbands licked them more and for longer. If your wife likes it, give it to her generously. 14. For your husband to enjoy licking you, maintain good hygiene and shave often.15. For your wife to enjoy being licked by you, maintain good hygiene, especially oral hygiene. 16. Most women climax more through clit jobs than penetration. 17. Dear husbands, if after pumping and penetration you ejaculate but your wife is yet to reach her climax, consider licking or rubbing her clit till she screams your name as she reaches orgasm. 18. Love making in marriage doesn’t have to be boring.This is the basic and hard Truth and you need to learn. Don’t be shy.

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