1. Some people are eating themselves right now
    Let’s pray for pregnancy
    Pray pray pray…… ???
  2. “Baby’ my menses finally came” This statement alone can cure Typhoid, Malaria, catarrh and high blood pressure i swear…. ???
  3. Date her for months without sex. Learn what makes her happy. Play games together. Take long walks together. Forget about sex. Enjoy each other’s company.
    You can take this advice I don’t want it jor… ??
  4. Bro, If a woman wants to revenge for hurting her soul, my brother even the devil will sit down to learn wickedness from her walahi.. ???
  5. A family of lawyers (both parents inclusive)
    Imagine marrying from this family and you get a divorce!
    You will lose everything including your Sim card.. ???
  6. Hehe… Some people will be writting PH bcos they cannot spell ordinary POTACUT.. ???
  7. Mehn! No machine can scatter a room than a guy looking for his last condom
    I lie. ???
  8. In government hospital, you will kukuma stand at the queue until you forget your sickness ni.. ???
  9. Amaka
    and you are fixing nails of 2k
    On the same hand that scored 45 in jamb?? ???
  10. Asin ehh! Dating a girl with a flat chest without boobs is a problem because when you are lying on her chest, you Will start remembering school days of sleeping on your desk.. ???
  11. THE pain of always meeting my CRUSH when I’m wearing the SAME cloth,,,,CAN make me stop her and say ‘I CAN EXPLAIN’.
    I will not change it.. ???
  12. U can tell me ur secrets, It is safe with me even when Dave Okafor told me he slept with five members here.
    Have I told anyone la?? ???


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